Digital Marketing – Why Going With a Big Name
Might be the Worst Thing You Could Do

When choosing most things in life it is normally the sensible thing to do to go with a big name. Whether buying a house, a camera or a mortgage. Big names provide a level of service, you might pay a bit more but in return you can expect the peace of mind and a high standard of service that comes with a big name.


The bigger, The Not So Better

For historical reasons surrounding their formation the big boys in digital marketing are offer a poor service. When you come to think of it Mercedes produce quality cars because car making is pretty much all they have ever done, Mercedes is a car company.


Let’s look at the 3 big players:


Yell New

Yell started life as Yellow Pages – basically a advertising telephone directory. Yell took the experience gained in the hard selling world of advertising and using this experience started hard selling digital services – little wonder they are so poor at it (the selling bit they have off to a tee).

Yell charge 40% commission on all Pay Per Click accounts. For this you get either a fully automated service based in the Philippines, with no negative keywords are used in campaigns – an absolute disgrace.

Their websites are created using free Moonfruit templates – they are not free to Yell customers.

They co-ordinate social media platforms for users at a cost of £30 a month using a software called Wave – Wave costs them $18 a year.

A Yell website costs £50 per month; other than hosting, users receive nothing for this fee. makes a eye watering 90% profit on their business.


BT started life a privatised government monopoly with a near monopoly of the fixed telephone line sector. Growing ever larger with ever growing customer service problems and a distinct lack of digital marketing pedigree.

They are not a digital advertising company and never will be.

The do however, have a huge database of business customers and a telemarketing arm that never tires in attempting to sign up unsuspecting business customers to distinctly poor range of services.


Thomson, for those of you not old enough to remember the Thomson Local directory is was a thinned down, non-yellow version of the Yellow Pages.

This could be a metaphor for Thomson Local, a smaller version of Yell – although they both charge handsomely for a service that Google Places offers for free.



Watch Out
ReachLocal UK have gone into administration.

Reach Local have over £35,000,000 worth online advertising.

ReachLocal will not be missed by the hard pressed small business community in Britain. Charging a minimum of £600 per month and taking a very high commission rate of 40% on their pay per click custom.

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