Digital Marketing Explained

What Do We Mean By “Digital Marketing”?

Digital Marketing’ is the term used to describe the promotion of a product or service using electronic media. As with traditional marketing methods, such as print, radio or TV advertising, road shows/exhibitions, direct mail, the aim of Digital Marketing is to promote the company, generate leads and build a customer base.

How Does Digital Marketing Differ From Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing are actually very similar, both use imagery and copy to attract potential customers, the main difference is the method used to be seen.

A Few Examples

Digital marketing chart 2

Traditionally, print, radio and TV advertising were used to promote a company and attract new customers. Digital Marketing would advertise similarly but using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. The advantage of this form of advertising is that it often much lower cost and ads can be much more specifically targeted at potential customers.

Small businesses have traditionally used direct mail and flyers to promote their business in the local area. This can now be done much faster and cheaper using digital marketing. Advertising locally on social media such as Facebook, is equivalent of posting a flyer through all the doors in your local area. Alternatively, promotional emails can be sent to all customers or potential customers who are on a mailing list, this is a great way to keep customers returning.

The traditional business card has been replaced by your website. The first thing many potential customers will do, when looking for your product or service, is to go to Google. It’s important that you have a website, your website looks professional and up to date and that it represents you as a business.

Why You Need Digital Marketing

Firstly, while traditional marketing is still a valid and popular form of advertising, it tends to be time consuming and expansive, digital marketing allows businesses to get directly in front of a much more targeted potential audience through social media.

Secondly, a growing reliance on Google means that it is most potential customer’s first port of call when looking for a product or service. If you have a poor website or worse no website, your business is much less likely to attract new customers. A good website as well as being registered as a local business (appearing on the search map on the front page of Google) makes a considerable difference to a business.

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