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Email Campaigns – What Is It?

Email Campaigns are another method of direct advertising by targeting relevant messages to your customer’s inbox. Email marketing involves sending marketing emails, targeted campaigns and automated messages to your email campaigns

Email Campaigns – Why Do You Need It?

If you don’t already keep a record, including the email addresses, of your current or potential customers, start one now! Grow your list as you get new customers and this could prove to be an invaluable asset for your business in the long run. This allows you to remind previous customers of your good service/product, inspiring them to use you again or to tell a friend. Email campaigns are great for letting people know about a new product or service, a special promotion or any changes to your business.

We design and send out professional newsletters, special offers, promotions and anything else that might be beneficial to you and your business.





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Add a contact forms onto your website pages, which allow visitors to sign up to newsletters and special offers and promotions. Email tools, such as MailChimp, allow you to monitor who has opened and read your email, who has clicked on your links to products and services, how many emails were forwarded, how many people unsubscribed and much more. This is a fantastic feedback tool which allows you to improve your marketing campaigns and make sure your open rates are above industry average.

Watch Out


There are lots of companies out there offering budget website services and some of these services do indeed over good value and a reasonable product. If you engage one of these companies make sure you own the domain name (eg., this means you will be able to move website companies in the future. Also, before paying for the site, make sure you check it carefully for any error or any changes you wish to make, some companies will not make changes once they have handed you over the site.

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