Google Ad Words

Google Ad Words


Google Ad Words – What Is It?

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is a targeted way to send customers to your website. This is essentially paid advertising on Google and it works on a cost per click basis – when a visitor clicks on your Google advert, Google charges you a specific amount of money, depending on the keywords you are using. Google’s paid listings appear in the first 3 positions on a Google search results page and in a column on the right side of the page. Google Ads also appear on Google partnered websites, which show adds relevant to their site. When users click on an advert to visit the site to find out more (or call directly from mobile), the advertiser is charged a small fee.

Google Ad Words – Why Do You Need It?

Unlike any other advertising, digital or traditional, Google Adwords only advertise to people who are actively seeking your product or service, this means there is is a much higher success rate. Many people are actively searching for specific products and services on Google, you can target them directly by having a well structured Google Adwords campaign which includes a good list of keywords that you wish to appear for (and more importantly a list of negative keywords you don’t want to show for). Well written adverts are the key to a cost effective Google Adwords campaign as they have to grab the attention of the person searching. You can also re-market your ads to people who have already visited your website, making this an extremely effective tool for effectively converting returning users.



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Google gives your advert a quality score, which depends on how relevant the ad is for the searcher and the search terms that were used. Google will also take into account how many clicks your previous adverts received as well as how relevant your landing page is. Having a high quality score is crucial to your advert appearing over a rival’s advert because a higher quality score outnumbers the maximum bid for the ad.

Watch Out


Google AdWords is much more complex than social media advertising and takes a lot more time to set up properly, it is important that you take the time to do this (or employ someone to do it for you) or you could spend a lot for no result. You should create adverts based on a good keyword list of word you think are relevant to your business, but more importantly you need to have a very good negative keyword list so you don’t show ads on searches that are not relevant to your business.

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