Landing Page

Landing Page


Landing Page – What Is It?

A landing page is a page on your website, which is used only to send potential client to from adverts. These pages are designed to relate to the advert and to prompt potential customers to take action. In other words, it’s the page linked to the advert. It is not on a menu on your website, making it only accessible from the link you have provided in your marketing content, such as a CLICK HERE button in an email or the link used to direct someone who clicks on your ad or post.

Landing Page – Why Do You Need It?

The purpose of a landing page is to either gather leads – a lead generation landing page or to persuade potential customers to click through to another page – a click-through landing page.

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Lead Generation Landing Pages

The most valuable data you are gathering is an email or phone number, because this allows you to try to convert them into a customer.

Click-Through Landing Pages

This is usually used in e-commerce to inform the buyer (describe the product), prepare them for purchase and finally push them to a shopping cart, checkout or a registration page. Research has shown that this type of page results in a higher conversion rate.


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All landing pages have a form, because the sole purpose of a landing page is to capture information about visitors via the form you are asking them to fill in. A good landing page has no distractions, only a minimum amount of explanatory copy and the form to optimise data collection – name, email and/or phone number. It is important to give your prospect a reason to part with their personal information, they need something in return for it. Examples include a free brochure, a free trial, a gift, an entry to a competition, a discount voucher, a free consultation etc.

Watch Out


You landing page will create the first impression of your company for many visitors and potential customers, therefore, it needs to be a good representation of your company. There has been a lot of studies done into what makes people responds on a landing page, it’s good to test a few variations to find out what works best.

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