Social Media Advertising


Social Media Advertising – What Is It?

social media advertising

These are adverts you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media news feeds. This type of advertising is very efficient as the results are immediate, easy to monitor and very cost effective. You can test what works and what doesn’t work over a relatively period of time without spending much money on marketing.



Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising – Why Do You Need It?

The biggest advantage of Social Media Advertising is that it allows you to target people in the age group, geographical area and with the interests that most closely match you customer. A correctly targeted Social Media advertising campaign can be immensely beneficial and at a relatively low cost. You can reach people who might choose your product or service on impulse, when they are not actively looking for it.

We can target your potential customers according to location, interest and other industry specific elements and this is one of our areas of expertise. We have created many high profile Facebook advertising campaigns nationally with remarkable results.


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Decide your target audience, their age, location, income and interests, because quality is more important than quantity. Targeting is key, otherwise you could end up spending money on customers uninterested in your product. Choose images that would catch your attention. Remember, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are constantly evolving and changing their advertising options. Although Facebook in particular make it very easy to create an advert, targeting specific groups is often best left to a specialist advertiser.

Watch Out


Adverts work best when targeting a specific group in a specific area, however, this does mean that the adverts must be checked often and changed regularly. The smaller the group of people you are targeting the more often they are likely to see your advert, to a certain extent this can be good as it makes your advert more memorable but left to long they can become annoying and may have a negative affect on your business.

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