Web Design

Web Design

Web Design – What Is It?

Creating a website that is fully responsive on mobile and tablet devices. Valuable websites have the following characteristics:

web design

    • Custom designed

    • Relevant information

    • Easy to read layout

    • Compatible on all devices

    • Uncomplicated navigation

    • High quality images



Web Design – Why Do You Need It?

Most businesses benefit from a website and a good website should help: get found on Google, create credibility, engages with the customer and give a great first impression of your business. We have created many websites for various clients. Each site is individually tailored and delivered with a specific business in mind. If you are not sure which style to choose, we can design sample pages for you and work from there to the end result.

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Useful Tip!

You will also need a domain name, which is memorable and easy to type into a browser. Try to aim for the shortest name possible that potential customers will associate with your business and that cannot be easily misspelled.

We recommend registering similar domain names like .co.uk, .uk, .com, and .net as soon as possible to avoid losing traffic to your website.

Watch Out


There are lots of companies out there offering budget website services and some of these services do indeed over good value and a reasonable product. If you engage one of these companies make sure you own the domain name (eg. www.domain-name.co.uk), this means you will be able to move website companies in the future. Also, before paying for the site, make sure you check it carefully for any error or any changes you wish to make, some companies will not make changes once they have handed you over the site.

Need a Website for Your Business?

Contact us to discuss how we can design a site to suit your business.